Article submission algorithm

The scientific periodical journal "Challenges in Modern Medicine" (hereinafter – the Journal) publishes the results of open scientific research carried out by scientists of scientific institutions, educational institutions of higher education and citizens conducting scientific research on their own initiative or as part of official assignments.

Articles in the Journal are published in Russian or English languages.

Only original articles that have not previously been published in other periodicals are subject to publication in the Journal.

The article must comply with the literary norms of the language in which it is written, and the scientific style must be maintained.

The article should be submitted in the form of a manuscript in accordance with the "Requirements to articles".

Due to the changes made to the federal legislation on personal data in 2023, as well as the transformation of the editorial policy of the edition in the field of legal issues, we ask you to send materials to the journal using the following algorithm:

Step 1. Review the Publishing License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

Step 2. Fill out and sign the Application form for the Agreement if you agree to its terms.

Step 3. Send the materials for publication and a scanned copy of the Application by e-mail Ved4_Medicine@bsu.edu.ru.

The composition of the materials sent for publication:

  • the original of the article in printed form, designed according to the requirements of the Journal, signed by the authors on the last page, or its scanned version, signed by the authors on the last page;
  • electronic version of the text (Word), drawings in the form of separate files (in JPG, JPEG format);
  • author's reference (Word)

Articles are published in the Journal in order of priority as they are received by the editorial board and reviewed. The decision on an extraordinary publication is made by the Editorial Board of the journal.

The articles are published FREE OF CHARGE!

The Journal does not accept the articles containing signs of falsification of research results, source data and information, as well as plagiarism – presenting other people's ideas and achievements as their own, using other people's texts without reference to the source (as well as their own previously published ones).

The materials received by the editorial office of the Journal are not returned to the authors. The Editorial Board has the right to return the article to the author for revision if the requirements of the Journal are not met.