Article retraction

Article retraction is a procedure for correcting published information and notifying readers that the publication contains serious flaws or erroneous data that cannot be trusted.

Grounds for article retraction:

  • detection of incorrect borrowings (plagiarism) in a publication;
  • duplication of an article in several editions;
  • detection of falsifications or fabrications in the work (for example, falsification of experimental data);
  • the discovery of serious errors in the work (for example, incorrect interpretation of the results), which casts doubt on its scientific value;
  • incorrect composition of authors (there is no one who deserves to be an author; persons who do not meet the criteria of authorship are included);
  • hidden conflict of interest (and other violations of publication ethics);
  • republishing an article without the author's consent;
  • the article has not been reviewed.

The retraction of the article is carried out at the official request of the author(s), the Editorial Board of the journal, the RAS Commission on Combating Falsification of Research, as well as after an internal examination of the journal.

If the Editorial Board decides to withdraw the text based on its expertise or information received by the editorial board, it is important to inform the authors/team of authors about the decision. The author (the lead author in the case of collective authorship) must be familiar with the wording justifying the retraction of the article.

Having decided to withdraw the article, the Editorial Board indicates the reason for the retraction (in case of plagiarism, indicating the sources of borrowing), as well as the date of retraction. The article and the description of the article remain on the journal's website as part of the corresponding issue of the journal, but the electronic version of the text is marked WITHDRAWN/RETRACTED and the date of retraction, the same mark is placed with the article in the table of contents of the issue. N.B.

The decision to withdraw an article from publication is made by the Editorial Board of the journal, formalizing it with the appropriate protocol.

The authors may disagree with the position of the Editorial Board, but this does not negate its right to conduct the procedure.

Protocols with the decision to withdraw articles should be sent:

(Upon receipt of the request for retraction, information about the article and the full text remain on elibrary.ru and in CyberLeninka, but supplemented with information about retraction. Retracted articles and links from them are excluded from the Russian Science Citation Index and do not participate in the calculation of indicators)

  • To the Council on Ethics of Scientific Publications (to add information to a single database of retracted articles).


Protocols of the Editorial Board meetings:


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