The order of reviewing articles

  1. All manuscripts to be published in the Journal are to be subjected to peer-reviewing. To review a particular manuscript, two reviewers holding a research degree in the corresponding scientific field are appointed by the Editors Office.
  2. Duration of the peer review process does not exceed one month after submitting the materials to the reviewers.
  3. The author is informed of the results of reviewing not later than three months after the manuscript was received by the Editors Office.
  4. For reviewing manuscripts, the Journal employs a “blind” and anonymous review (the Journal does not disclose reviewers’ identities to the authors and authors’ identities to the reviewers).
  5. A manuscript is recommended for publication if the article received approval from both reviewers.
  6. The reviews are provided in form of a document (hard copy or e-copy in pdf format), verified by the reviewer’s personal signature.
  7. The review can be made in an arbitrary form, but must contain the following required information: “This manuscript is recommended for publication (or recommended with revisions) / can not be recommended for publication”.
  8. Original reviews (or their e-copies in pdf format) must be kept in the Journal Series Editors Office for five years.
  9. If a negative review is received, the text of the review must be sent to the author in strict confidence.
  10. The reasons for rejecting a manuscript can be the following:
    • the research topic of the submitted manuscript does not align with the Journal Series topics;
    • the manuscript does not meet the Journal Series technical requirements;
    • there was a (were) negative review(s) for the submitted manuscript;
    • author(s) do not comply with the legislation of the Russian Federation on copyright and related rights;
    • the submitted materials were previously published in other periodicals.