Clinical radiation and morphological features of COVID-19 associated pneumonia in the dynamics of the disease

War has been declared to mankind, the initiator and enemy of which has become a new disease caused by the coronavirus (SARS Cov-2 RNA). Victory in this war, that is, the survival and recovery of  each patient depends on the solution of many scientific, technical, organizational and clinical problems, in particular, a more optimal understanding of the morphological and clinical-radiation picture of this disease. The initial diagnostic hypothesis for COVID-19 is based on an influenza-like condition and molecular tests such as polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) sequencing. However, these tests can be false positive or false negative (up to 30 %) and are not available in emergency situations. Therefore, clinical symptoms in the context of radiological and morphological diagnostics are used as an important marker for identifying the etiology of COVID-19 associated pneumonia in the current epidemiological conditions.

DOI: 10.18413/2687-0940-2020-43-4-473-489
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