The tactic work of surgical hospital in condition of coronavirus pandemic 

In the new Millennium, humanity faced infectious diseases that no one knew about. Plague and typhus were replaced by dangerous viruses. Changes in the environment, climate warming, increasing population density and other factors provoke their appearance, and high migration activity of the population contributes to the spread around the world. Truly, infections know no bounds. Today, medical science knows the mechanisms of the emergence of new viruses, studied the clinical and epidemiological features of some viruses, but nevertheless, each new infectious or viral disease can be a serious challenge for modern medicine. The appearance of diseases caused by a new coronavirus in December 2019 has already gone down in history as an emergency of international significance. It is known that the most common clinical manifestation of a new infection is pneumonia, as well as in some patients-respiratory distress syndrome. We still have to study the features of this pandemic, learn lessons, and analyze the shortcomings of ensuring the biological safety of the population. Our article provides a brief overview of the work of the surgical Department in the context of a pandemic caused by a coronavirus. All employees of the clinic are periodically tested for the presence of the virus, and in case of a positive result, a mandatory quarantine is carried out. Weekly mandatory sampling of biomaterial for the content of antibodies to the virus is carried out. At present, we cannot rule out the possibility of a so-called «second wave» of the epidemic. The experience gained will certainly help in the further fight against the disease.

DOI: 10.18413/2687-0940-2020-43-3-424-430
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