Risk factors for patients with arterial hypertension, residents of the Republic of Yemen

The most significant risk factors (FR) of arterial hypertension (AH) among residents of the Republic of Yemen were studied. A multivariate analysis was performed for the Association of various FR variables in 101 AH patients, residents of the Republic of Yemen, with an verage age of 54.3 ± 9.3 years. Low income in 66.3 %, chewing khat (qat) in 64.3 %, excess body weight in 42.5 %, burdened heredity in
35 %, presence of carbohydrate metabolism disorders in 20 %, Smoking in 19.8 % of patients were the most common among AH patients. Among khat users, the average blood PRESSURE was 163 and 95 mmHg. however, a higher level of blood PRESSURE was observed in males. There is a strong direct relationship between bad habits (chewing khat), less pronounced relationship between socio-economic conditions (living in areas where there is fighting, displaced persons, poor housing conditions, low material income) and the degree of increase in blood PRESSURE. There were no correlations with gender and age of patients with hypertension. The obtained data will help to update non-drug treatment of hypertension in the residents of the Republic of Yemen.

DOI: 10.18413/2687-0940-2020-43-3-373-382
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