The aim of the work was to study the effect of low-intensity laser radiation on the vascular endotheliumtotal oxide metabolites, and the state of capillary blood flow. The patients participating in the study were divided into three groups: in the first (control) group (30 people), only traditional drug therapy was used for treatment, patients of the second group (the main group, 85 people) received a course of intravenous laser therapy along with medication, and the third group of patients (the main group, 45 people) received a course of cutaneous laser therapy. The results of our study show that drug therapy of patients with chronic viral hepatitis is not accompanied by credible improvements to the content in blood plasma nitric oxide metabolites, and indicators of microcirculation, and the inclusion in the complex treatment of laser therapy provides statistically significant performance improvement in capillary blood flow and dysfunction of vascular endothelium.

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